What's new in Pixellu Galleries

We're excited to bring you new features that make moving between our software infinitely easier, blending their capabilities and creating a smoother post-shoot workflow.

Pixellu Galleries now includes features that integrate it with both SmartSlides and SmartAlbums. Check out the latest updates to your favorite gallery platform, and stay tuned for more features landing soon.


Cloud Proofing Album Integration 

We’re happy to introduce another integration with Pixellu Galleries: Albums.

Alongside their stunning galleries, your clients can effortlessly view and share a specially designed album draft through a single, convenient link. 

Not only does this simplify the process, but with a click of a button, your clients can also reach out to you for an album design. This simple feature can lead to more album sales from your clients or their family members who haven’t yet ordered an album. 

Increase album sales through the

Adding an album to your Gallery couldn’t be easier. Just create an album with SmartAlbums and publish it via Cloud Proofing. After that, add a Section in Galleries and select Add Other Content to include your desired album. 

Add an album to your gallery

Slideshows as Covers

We recently integrated SmartSlides and Galleries, allowing you to add a SmartSlides slideshow as a section within your gallery. Now we're taking it a step further — use a slideshow as a gallery cover.  This is a great way to showcase your clients' best moments, beat-batched to music, before they dive into their full gallery of images.

To use this new feature, simply choose the Slideshow option when you select your gallery cover image on the Style & Preview page:

Add a slideshow as a gallery cover

Import favorites from into SmartAlbums

You can now import your client's favorite images directly from Pixellu Galleries into SmartAlbums with the click of a button. 

Import Galleries favorites into SmartAlbums

Once your client has selected their favorite images from their gallery, you can import them into SmartAlbums with the click of a button. Simply open SmartAlbums and select the "Import Favorites" button — right next to where you'd usually import images from your computer.

Import favorites from Galleries into SmartAlbums

Once you've clicked "Import Favorites," SmartAlbums will automatically detect which galleries have favorites saved within them, allowing you to select one of those to import from.

SmartAlbums is loaded with helpful design features to allow you to design an album in 15 minutes or less. You can use the Timeline feature to start creating your album design or click Auto Build (conveniently located next to the "Import Favorites" button) and let the software do the work for you. 

Import Galleries favorites into SmartAlbums

One of the most time-consuming aspects of creating an album is the guesswork required to determine which images your clients want to see included. By importing the favorites they've selected, your clients are doing this work for you. All you need to do is click a button. 

The ability to import favorites directly into SmartAlbums is one of the most requested features since we launched Pixellu Galleries. Its inclusion represents a massive amount of work to connect SmartAlbums as a desktop app and Galleries as a web application. But it also represents an enormous step forward in simplifying your post-shoot workflow.

Use a slideshow within Galleries

SmartSlides is now integrated with Pixellu Galleries. Once a slideshow is ready in SmartSlides, it can be added directly to a gallery section within Galleries — no more moving between platforms or sharing multiple links. We’re excited to bring you a smoother, more connected viewing experience for your clients, all in one place. 

Use a SmartSlides slideshow within Galleries

Their favorites to their favorite album.

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