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What’s new in SmartAlbums

SmartAlbums is turning 10 — and we're excited to bring you the latest SmartAlbums update as part of our anniversary celebration. 

Is it beautiful? Is it simple? Is it reliable? These are the questions we ask ourselves every time we update our software. This process began with SmartAlbums and is now used across all of our software. We're constantly working behind the scenes to add new features, simplify the workflow to save you time, and ensure that our software's performance is always top-notch. 


Import favorites from Pixellu Galleries

You can now import your client's favorite images directly from Pixellu Galleries into SmartAlbums with the click of a button. 

Import Galleries favorites into SmartAlbums

Once your client has selected their favorite images from their gallery, importing them into SmartAlbums, ready to create an album, is as simple as clicking the "Import Favorites" button — right next to where you'd usually import images from your computer.

Import Pixellu Galleries favorites into SmartAlbums

Our software will automatically detect which galleries have favorites selected within them and allow you to choose which gallery to import from. You can use the Timeline feature to start creating your album design or click Auto Build (conveniently located next to the "Import Favorites" button) and let SmartAlbums do the work for you. 

Import Pixellu Galleries favorites into SmartAlbums

One of the most time-consuming aspects of creating an album is the guesswork required to determine which images your clients want to see included. By importing the favorites they've selected, your clients are doing this work for you. All you need to do is click a button. 

The ability to import favorites directly into SmartAlbums is one of the most requested features since we launched Pixellu Galleries. Its inclusion represents a massive amount of work to connect SmartAlbums as a desktop app and Galleries as a web application. But it also represents an enormous step forward in simplifying your post-shoot workflow.

New features launching soon

We have many exciting features launching soon across all our products, improving your experience and creating better integrations between our apps. You might have already seen our integration between SmartSlides and Galleries, allowing you to incorporate a slideshow as a section within your gallery. 

Over the years, many of the best features we've implemented have come from user requests. If you'd love to see something added that would make your life easier as a photographer, or if you'd like to see which features we have planned for the near future, you can check out our Roadmap.

SmartAlbums + Galleries

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