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Slideshows are the best way to present photos if you want to captivate and impress your clients. SmartSlides brings your photos to life in incredibly personal and meaningful ways. The interface is beautiful and easy to use, and the smart features allow you to make a slideshow in just 3 simple steps:

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Presentation that looks every bit as beautiful as your photos

Because SmartSlides is made for photographers, everything looks and works beautifully, putting the spotlight on your photos where it should be. Dedicated online slideshow page for each client is ready-made to impress, giving your presentation the heartfelt impact your clients won’t soon forget.

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Licensed and curated music library to help tell your story

We know the struggle of finding the perfect soundtrack. Dealing with expensive music licensing fees can make slideshows a painful and expensive part of your business. SmartSlides has an original music library that is fully-licensed and carefully curated to make slideshows truly effortless.


SmartSlides allows you to embed your slideshow directly on your website or blog


Ability to download the slideshow as a 4K Ultra HD video file gives you and your clients full freedom in the way you share and use the slideshow

4K Ultra HD

The first and only web slideshow maker with 4k Ultra HD. Unlike other slideshow solutions, SmartSlides will not degrade the quality of your images. With four times more pixels than regular HD, your images will be crisp and full of detail.


Slideshows are created with mobile browsers and devices in mind using ultra-fast loading for the best client experience


Impress your clients with a sophisticated beat-matched slideshow. Automatic beat-matching is available on all songs included in the SmartSlides' music library.

"I’ve been looking for a good slideshow maker for years and have always ended up giving up on them altogether. As soon as I tried SmartSlides I knew I found the solution. It’s quick, intuitive, and the results are beautiful. My clients absolutely love them."

Benj Haisch

“Wow, SmartSlides is everything I've been looking for with my slideshows. I've tried many solutions over the years and SmartSlides blows everything out of the water. It’s going to be a game changer!”

Tyler Branch

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