From design to done in no time

Proofing your album with Cloud Proofing is as simple as it gets.

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Effortless album proofing

Easily publish your album draft, share it with your client, review feedback, and make revisions - all without ever leaving the SmartAlbums application. Cloud Proofing is the only proofing service in the world that works seamlessly with your album builder.

James Day

Cloud Proofing has made it a billion times easier to get albums into our clients' hands sooner. They love the interface and I love the way it all works so seamlessly with SmartAlbums. Not sure what I did without it to be honest!

James Day

A beautiful presentation

Clean interface, brand customization, and professional presentation designed to help you get noticed.

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Phillip and Eileen Blume

When clients can actually "flip" through their pages, intuitively attach notes to our design, and then approve their album without a single email – that's the ultimate client experience. And it's the ultimate designer experience, too! We love that we can breeze through album design anytime, anywhere. It's so beautifully synced, whether viewed inside SmartAlbums itself, on the Web, and even in our email inbox where collaboration comes to life. SmartAlbums goes beyond smart - it's genius!

Phillip and Eileen Blume

Faster approvals

Cloud Proofing makes it easy to get albums into your clients' hands sooner. Your clients will love the simple interface that makes it easy for them to visualize the final product and say “Yes!” to their album.

Other Great Features

  • Instant Access

    Cloud Proofing works seamlessly with SmartAlbums without the need for additional plugins or software downloads. Get instant access by using your Pixellu login and publish your album in seconds.

  • Guest View

    Hides the commenting feature, disabling anonymous feedback from guests. This is great for sharing the album with family and friends.

  • Revision History

    Need to refer back to an old draft? No problem, Cloud Proofing keeps a history of revisions and comments, making it possible to restore past drafts.

  • Privacy Controls

    Add password-protection to individual albums for added privacy.

  • Watermark

    Enable/disable spread watermarks to protect your work.

  • Automated Emails

    Automatic client emails with customizable content remind clients they need to take action.

  • Smart Commenting

    Comments “stick-to-spread” and do not shift when new spreads are added or old ones are deleted.

  • Tablets

    Created with tablets in mind. Flip pages with a finger, instead of clicking 'next' on an arrow.

Jared Platt

Cloud Proofing took the most difficult part of selling albums and made it simple. My clients love the experience, I love the fast and easy workflow. It’s not just the smart way to design albums, it’s the smart way to interact with your clients!

Jared Platt