What's new in Pixellu SmartSlides?

We've been working hard over the last year to deliver on our promise of more features more often. For us to bring your feature requests to life, we've needed to undertake massive back-end upgrades so that our product continues to be reliable and straightforward to use as we add more functionality. No one wants to deal with frustrating software bugs that are caused by old technology. Now that those behind-the-scenes upgrades are complete, we can begin to deliver the features you've been waiting for.

Check out the latest updates to your favorite slideshow software, and stay tuned for more features landing soon.

Auto & Manual Cropping

With the introduction of vertical slideshows, we wanted to ensure that uploading your images is as smooth and effortless as possible, regardless of the format you choose. Whether your photos are portrait or landscape, SmartSlides will automatically crop the files during upload so that they fit perfectly in your slideshow. 

But we didn’t stop there — we know that sometimes you’ll want to make adjustments to get everything looking exactly how you envision it. That’s why we’ve also introduced manual cropping, giving you the flexibility to fine-tune any image with ease. Just click the cropping icon to get started.

New Themes 

We've delivered some fresh themes. With new typography, color palettes, covers, and adjustable player sizes, you can present your slideshows with an all-new, personalized look. Style to match your brand, or align your slideshow to pair with any gallery in Pixellu Galleries.

Pro-tip: Launch your image gallery with a slideshow as its cover. Jumping right into a gallery containing hundreds of images can be overwhelming — starting with a curated selection of their best moments paired with emotive music is the ultimate way to deliver a “wow-moment.”

Mobile Download 

In an effort to further streamline the experience in SmartSlides, we’ve introduced a feature to bridge the gap between desktop creation and mobile sharing. Now, immediately after you publish a slideshow, a QR code will be generated so that you can download the video directly on your mobile device without compromising on convenience or quality. 

Whether you're looking to share your latest project on social media, send it directly to clients or friends, or simply want the flexibility to present your work without being tethered to a desktop, this feature is a step towards making your slideshows easily accessible and shareable, anytime — anywhere.

Slideshows as Covers

We recently integrated SmartSlides and Galleries allowing you to add a SmartSlides slideshow as a section within your gallery. Now we're taking it a step further — use a slideshow as a gallery cover. This is a great way to showcase your clients best moments, beat-batched to music, before they dive into their full gallery of images.

To use this new feature, simply choose the Slideshow option when you select your gallery cover image on the Style & Preview page:

Add a slideshow as a cover in Pixellu Galleries

Vertical format slideshows 

We're all aware of just how much time we spend scrolling on our phones — that's why we’ve introduced vertical format slideshows, designed specifically for the 9:16 screen ratio. Whether you’re posting on a social feed or sharing a personal portfolio, you can showcase your work in a format that’s perfectly optimized for mobile screens. 

Create vertical slideshows in Pixellu SmartSlides

If you already have a SmartSlides subscription, simply log in and create a new slideshow to access the new vertical format.

No SmartSlides account? No worries — create one for free here.

Create a vertical format slideshow in Pixellu SmartSlides

Use a slideshow within Galleries

SmartSlides is now integrated with Pixellu Galleries. Once a slideshow is ready in SmartSlides, it can be added directly to a gallery section within Galleries — no more moving between platforms or sharing multiple links. We’re excited to bring you a smoother, more connected viewing experience for your clients, all in one place. 

Add a slideshow within Pixellu Galleries


New features and smart integrations

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