How to Choose the Perfect Slideshow Sound Track

Choose the perfect sound track to set the tone for your wedding photography slideshow

Through our lenses, we capture the moments that make up a special day. A stolen glance, a reassuring touch, a massive grin, or an enveloping hug. When we present these visuals in a slideshow we are re-telling their story, preserving their memories. However, it can be easy to forget just how much we can enhance these memories by engaging our clients' other senses. 

Music allows us to shape the way in which our clients view the telling of their own stories. Think about your favorite movie, would it be the same without its soundtrack? How about your favorite place to eat, how do they use music to set the tone? Businesses all over the world use music to help them connect with their clients — the music you choose for your slideshow has a direct impact on how your clients perceive your work. 

Choose the perfect sound track to set the tone for your wedding photography slideshow

With the power to shape the energy and mood of the listener, carefully selected slideshow music can alter the way your clients perceive their photos. It provides an opportunity to root your clients' print and product selection in emotion, rather than leave them to be hyper-focused on cost. They’ll instinctively be drawn to what they truly love about an image and the preservation of a meaningful moment which can all be translated into print sales. 

Many photographers stop telling a story once they put their camera down, but could your business benefit from continuing to engage in that story through your slideshow? Absolutely! Rather than relying on the same two or three tracks each time you create a photo slideshow, think about creating a less cookie-cutter presentation that will allow your clients to really connect with their photos. Try taking a minute to describe your clients and their special day in one sentence. Were they excited and joyous? Did they only have eyes for each other? Did they spend the day joking around with each other and their friends? Really think about their personalities. By taking a minute to understand your clients' personalities, you’ll find it easier to match their images with slideshow music that will appeal directly to them. 

Choose the perfect sound track to set the scene for your wedding photography slideshow

SmartSlides has an original music library that is fully-licensed and carefully curated allowing you to set the perfect tone for your slideshow. To help you get started, we’ve selected some of our favorite tracks below which encapsulate a variety of personality types. You can search for these songs by name directly within SmartSlides.

Playful and Vibrant
Instrumental: Barefoot - Martin Landh
Lyrical: Back Home - Soul City

Romantic and Sensual 
Instrumental: Atmos - Gold Coast
Lyrical: After All These Years - Smudge Mason

Sweet and Loving 
Instrumental: Beautiful Days - Bamtone
Lyrical: You Set My World on Fire - Loving Caliber

Classic and Timeless
Instrumental: Dismantle - Peter Sandberg
Lyrical: Being With You - Mountain City

Quirky and Offbeat
Instrumental: Be Together - Michael Sims
Lyrical: Beauty in the Mundane - Bird Of Figment

Happy and Joyous
Instrumental: A Walk in the Clouds - Gavin Luke
Lyrical: Our Adventure - The Long Valley

Test out our range of carefully curated, fully-licensed music and make your first SmartSlides slideshow