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If you have ever created an album for your clients, then you understand the stress of waiting to hear back on the edits and changes they would like to request. When you do hear back, it usually comes in an email that sounds a lot like “Page 2 is good, but I think I want the image from page 7 with the lady in the red hat to replace that one. Also, I want the photos of Uncle Steve included on spread 9, he’s the one with the brownish hat.”

Now imagine doing that for draft 2. And draft 3. And draft 4. Have a headache yet?

Cloud Proofing makes it easy. Here are 7 things our users love:

1. Exporting a new draft is done directly through SmartAlbums. There’s no need to gather files, organize client information, or open a different app.

2. Your clients get notified as soon as a new draft is published. Cloud Proofing automates an email to be set out to your clients inviting them to view the album online, saving you the headache of needing to sort through an endless array of emails.

3. Leaving feedback is a breeze! Cloud Proofing has user hints integrated within the app to guide your clients through the steps, leaving them feeling confident about the process.

4. Each client comment appears right back within SmartAlbums on the correlating spread, so all you need to do make the requested changes and mark each comment (or “task”) as done.

5. Needing to communicate back to your client? Starting a conversation is possible by using the comment box provided directly below the client comment. Write a quick note, finish the task, and move on to the next spread.

6. Every action that is made is published to one synchronized feed, making it easy for you and your clients to keep track of comments, see new edits, and view revision history.

7. The minute your client approves an album design, you are notified via email so you can get your album off to printing! Each album status is displayed in your New Project Window so you can always be on top of where you’re at with each project.

Try Cloud Proofing for yourself by downloading a free trial of SmartAlbums today!

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