SmartAlbums vs Fundy

We are often asked, “How is SmartAlbums different from Fundy?"

We firmly believe that the tools you choose for your photography business must work for you and not against you. It is important to look at your options, test them, and select the option that feels most natural to YOU. Choose the tool, in our case album design software, that makes you faster and lets you enjoy the process.

Photographer, educator, and workflow expert Jared Platt recently published an in-depth, thorough review of SmartAlbums and Fundy Album Designer. Check it out here: Album Design Software: SmartAlbums vs Fundy

As the busy summer season winds down and your album delivery deadlines approach, we hope this review empowers you to make an educated decision on which album design software is right for you. Trial and test both. Download your free trial of SmartAlbums today and start making albums and books!

SmartAlbums vs Fundy comparison is SmartAlbums better than Fundy?

Pixellu did not sponsor or compensate Jared Platt for this review. It is an honest and independent take on both album design programs purchased by the photographer.