New Year, New Music

Since SmartSlides launched in 2017, we’ve been in awe of the powerful stories told through your images.

What began as a way for photographers to amp up their photo delivery process became so much more than that. It became a way for you to deliver a “wow” moment for your clients. We became obsessed with finding the perfect soundtracks to help you do just that.

We are so pleased to announce that we’ve been quietly adding new tracks to the PSS library over the past few months. Throughout the final months of 2021, we added a massive amount of new music to our library, bringing the total number of songs to over 1000.

Pixellu SmartSlides now has over 1000 fully licensed soundtracks for photogaphers to make professional slideshows with.

We’ve hunted high and low to find songs that provide more variety and cover more genres. Our team has listened to thousands of songs to curate the perfect addition to SmartSlides — a collection of songs that you could listen to as a playlist. We wanted to avoid including soundtracks with a canned, royalty-free sound at all costs. We wanted songs with heart and feel so that they enhance your stunning images, creating an emotional connection for your clients. And finding the songs is only the beginning.

Each song has to be processed, checked for quality, lyrics found and added, and metadata manually included. On top of that, every single Beat-Matching template is crafted by hand. We could automate this process, but we choose not to. Automated beat-matching leaves a repetitive, stale feel to the overall slideshow caused by each image change following a predetermined pattern. The tempo of the images changes don’t react to the rise and swell of the music — there’s no way to build energy or build to a climax — it’s the same tempo throughout, reacting only to the base beat of the song.

Our Beat-Matching team creates templates that turn pairing music and images into art. Some songs quicken through the chorus or slow as the song winds down. Others feature strategic holds in poignant moments to match a beautiful lyric. These are the hand-crafted moments that we believe truly make a difference, allowing you to deliver that “wow” moment for your clients.

Smartslides now has 1000 licensed songs for photographers to create slideshows with.

What’s new in SmartSlides:

New Music

We’ve more than doubled our music library, delivering our largest and most diverse music update. There are more genres, more variety in tempos, and more choices than ever before. 

Look for the “New” symbol that indicates the song is a recent upload. Or use the filters to see all of the new music in one place. 

Updated Music Filter System

With the increased size of our music library, we needed to construct a faster way to find the song you need. 

Our new music filter system allows you to see only music that meets specific criteria. You can filter by category or tempo, view only your favorites, or browse our new uploads. 

New music filter system in SmartSlides makes it easy for photographers to find the perfect song for their slideshow