Pixellu Galleries: Introducing Gallery Activity and Hide Images

Sharing images should be easy — for you and all of your clients. That's why we're constantly adding new features to Pixellu Galleries to streamline your workflow, improve your experience, and give you more control. 

Updates to Pixellu Galleries

Data is powerful — learn how your clients interact with your images through Gallery Activity

We have recently introduced Gallery Activity, allowing you to stay up to date with client interactions. You'll be able to see which emails have registered to view each gallery, plus all downloaded and favorited images. Tracking the number of individuals who have viewed your galleries helps you gauge the exposure your work is getting. Additionally, knowing which images clients love can help you increase sales by offering prints and album drafts of their favorite moments.

You can access this feature at any time on the Gallery Manager page:

Gallery Activity feature

If you're a fan of data and want to know how else your clients are interacting with your images, check out how to leverage your data using SmartSlides and Google Analytics.

Love a specific memory but would rather keep it private? Just hide the image.

We know that many clients are big fans of privacy and don’t always want to share every single image from their weddings or photo shoot with their friends and family. Maybe there’s an intimate moment they would prefer to keep to themselves or a funny shot that is a great memory, but perhaps not suitable for all to see.

Clients can now hide any image in their gallery to personalize their sharing. Once a client or multiple clients are given the “hide images” privileges under their email, they can simply use the eye-icon to remove it from public view. If they’d like to unhide an image or see which photos are hidden, they can manage hidden images from the top menu within the gallery.

Hide images in Pixellu Galleries

If multiple clients have "hide image" privileges for one gallery, each will share the same Hidden Images view, allowing them to add or remove from that collection. This feature is a great way for couples, friends, or family to collaborate on a gallery and have a say in which images are shared.


Whether we're providing tools that save you time or improving your clients' experience, our team is always listening and working to implement features that come from you, our photographers. Is there anything you'd like to see in Pixellu Galleries? Please share your thoughts with us any time via email, chat, or on our Facebook group.

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