Caroline Ghetes Story | SmartAlbums Review

Nothing motivates us more than seeing your excitement over the simplicity and beauty of using SmartAlbums to design your albums. That’s why we are moved by the story of the delightfully talented Chicago-based wedding photographer, Caroline Ghetes, who was kind enough to give us a peek into her life as a photographer, wife, and mother of four. Having recently been diagnosed with ADHD, Caroline Ghetes shares her struggles of running a successful photography business while balancing a rich family life. Watch her testimony below and see how she streamlined her album design workflow using SmartAlbums.

“The thought of designing an album is not scary anymore”, says Caroline Ghetes, “and the realization that there are easier, quicker, and simpler ways to do things while maintaining the high quality I demand of myself is such a relief.”

We’re working daily to take things to the next level to help you simplify your workflow so you can run a more creative and profitable business. For all those who wrote words of gratitude and shared your story - thank you kindly. You inspire us.