Carolina Guzik: "Moments for future generations."

It’s always been important for Carolina Guzik to preserve the memories that she loves. 

“Growing up, my family didn’t take that many photos.” 

All the pictures she had were of her grandma and her children, but her mother’s generation didn’t take many photos. Those memories haven’t been preserved, slowly becoming lost over time. 

Miami Wedding Photographer  Carolina Guzik

Memories for future generations

The Miami-based wedding photographer is passionate about ensuring moments are captured and available to future generations — not just for her clients but for herself. She's seen firsthand how important it is to take, keep, and treasure memories in a physical format. 

"My Grandma had Alzheimer's. It was hard to see her forget so many things. An album is like a little time capsule — just open an album and go back to a day that perhaps the memory isn't really clear, but as soon as I see that photo, I remember so many things from that day."


It's become important for Carolina to preserve the memories that she loves, to be able to look back on them and feel everything from that moment all over again. She wants her clients to have the same experience.

Her love for her 12-year career as a full-time photographer stems from capturing her clients' special days and moments — giving them something they can pass on to the next generation, their families, children, and grandchildren. The same way she used to look at her grandma's pictures from her childhood — her photos are for the grandkids to come. One day, maybe, someone else's grandkids will look at the moments she captured years ago for their grandparents. 

Photo album by Carolina Guzik

Preserving their own memories in albums

Carolina and her husband, Chris, love to travel — their trips to beautiful places worldwide have turned into albums to remember their adventures: the places, the delicious food, and all the special memories made together. 

“Albums have been really important to me.”

Carolina originally created all her albums in InDesign, but the process was extremely tedious and time-consuming. 

“I was frustrated, and I said I have to choose — it’s got to be me feeling good or creating all these albums.”

It wasn’t until a photographer friend asked her why on earth she persisted in creating albums manually that she found out about SmartAlbums. The first album took 30 minutes from start to finish — a job that would have previously taken weeks. 

“Thanks to SmartAlbums, I can continue creating albums for my clients without adding stress to my life. Because I don’t want to be stressed, I want to feel good at all times. SmartAlbums allows me to do that.”

Miami Wedding Photographer Carolina Guzik

Proud of what she gives her clients

Giving her clients pictures that they are proud of, images that help them see themselves in a beautiful way makes Carolina proud of her career and what she’s achieved. 

“I think we sometimes live in a society that has taught us that we should never talk about ourselves or be proud because, like, “oh, that’s arrogant. But I’m proud of the things I have accomplished. I moved to this country, I learned a new language, I run a business where I get to have a lot of fun.”

It’s the text messages that are extra special. Whenever Carolina gets a text saying, “Oh my god, the photos are amazing, I love them.” she knows she’s done her job right. And that’s something to be proud of every single day. 

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